Anna’s Green Savoury  Smoothie

Anna's Green Smoothie

Anna’s Green Savoury  Smoothie

This is a wonderful detox smoothie which cleans our systems and cleanse us. A must do in this season.


300 mls Water

80 gms Cucumber

40 gms Rocket

80 gms Spinach

40 gms  Celery

  • Half a big leaf/30 mls Aloe Vera or Powder £10.50 Nature’s Root Amazon

2 teaspoons/ 5-6 tablet Sun Chorella  Powder Severn Hills £17.99

2 Nettle leaves/ Powder Indigo Herbs £8.99 Amazon

2 Fresh Raspberry Leaves/Raspberry Leaf Powder Amazon £15.99

3 teaspoons of Tumeric / Powder Amazon 1 kg bag £10.99

2 teaspoons of Spirulina / Powder Amazon £17.99

2 teaspoons of Atlantic Dulse/Dulse flakes Cornish seaweed co £6.99

2 Teaspoons of Barley Grass Juice Extract Seven Hills Amazon £9.99

2 teaspoons of Maca/ Powder 1kg seven hill £10.99

2 teaspoons MSM Powder – Amazon £15.99

Chia Seeds / seven Hills £4.99  for 1 kg

1 tablespoon of coconut cream

20-40gms Avocado – Half an Avocado

Salt – pinch – optional

Garlic ½ clove optional

Lime Juice of one lime

Dosage: Take this Mid-morning Do not take after lunchtime

This recipe makes enough smoothie for 3-4 days taking one glass a day mid-morning.

Celery Juice AM First Thing in the Morning

2 stalks of celery or central heart of celery

¼ cup of Water

Put the ingredients in the Juicer and pulse. Drink immediately first thing in the morning this will restore the ability of the stomach to make Hydrochloric acid naturally and break down the food in the digestive system. It also releases bloating symptoms and results in loss of weight.

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