The 2021 Thriving Christian Artist Conference with Matt Tommey

Thriving Christian Art conference


The Thriving Christian Artist Conference is the premier conference for artists who want to grow spiritually, artistically and in business from a Kingdom perspective.

Bringing together some of the best speakers in art, marketing, business, ministry & healing, this conference is like none other. Connect and grow with other Christian artists from around the world during this 2 day virtual conference.

Each day during this virtual conference, we will have four 90 minute sessions on Zoom with approximately 30 minute breaks between. Each session will be filled with practical teaching and encouragement from some of the best art, marketing and ministry leaders in the country.

All attendees are encouraged to attend all sessions to honour their fellow participants and get the most out of the weekend. Even though this is a virtual event, you are encouraged to set aside a space and the time to be “fully present”.

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About Us

Our Bodies are temples made up of mind, body, soul and spirit. They are formed on faith, our bodies, our spirit and our souls are all part of the grand design. The great architect wants us to care for our bodies as much as he cares for us. We are privileged to be part of his Kingdom purpose, and to engage with his plan for our lives.

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