The World Women’s Wholeness Summit 2021 – Dr Barbara Lowe

The World Women’s Wholeness Summit 2021


So, what is this all about? It literally is about women. It is a way for women to come together and hear the word of God. As the Spice Girls said ‘Girl Power’.

If we were to be honest during this lockdown it has been the women that have taken the brunt, the cooking, the cleaning, looking after the children and the worry. Who have we been able to turn to, God, is our only ally. The almighty listens to us complain and moan. We women want more out of life then just being a mother, a cleaner and a cook.

The World Women’s Wholeness Summit 2021 encourages women of all social backgrounds and cultures to come together and unite during these difficult times.

A mass prayer group is a force to be reckoned with. You will feel whole again, your strength renewed and invigorated. The losses, the grief and the feeling of abandonment will dissipate.

To find out more about this, click the link to learn more

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About Us

Our Bodies are temples made up of mind, body, soul and spirit. They are formed on faith, our bodies, our spirit and our souls are all part of the grand design. The great architect wants us to care for our bodies as much as he cares for us. We are privileged to be part of his Kingdom purpose, and to engage with his plan for our lives.

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